Saturday, November 25, 2017

November Curriculum Update

Here is a brief update of what is currently happening in Room 111

In Reading and Writing we continue to focus on nonfiction.  In reading, the children have learned about the importance of text features, text structures, and key words.  They have been busy making wonderings, asking questions, and taking key word notes.  This has helped their writing as they have been creating books and demonstrating their knowledge on a lot of different topics. 

On Monday we will begin Unit 6 in Fundations.   The children will learn about the vowel consonant e syllable.  They will also learn that when consonant s is in between two vowels it can makes the /s/ or /z/ sound - ie rose, base.   Lastly they will learn that in English language words do not end in v.  Often they end in ve.  They are considered exceptions and do not have a long vowel sound.

In Math we have been working on comparing numbers, mentally adding and subtracting 10 and 100 to or from a number, mentally adding and subtracting two two-digit numbers, making change, and solving word problems.  Please continue to practice math facts daily. I assure you this will help when we add two and three digit numbers soon.

In Social Studies we worked on some Thanksgiving activities last week. The children got in groups and learned about an aspect of pilgrim life: the voyage, Squanto’s help, children, etc. They shared their findings. We also built Wampanoag and Pilgrim villages out of card stock grids.  See the post for some pictures of the work the children created. 

On Monday will begin an Economics Unit.  We will explore goods, services, wants needs, etc.  We will also begin our quest to raise money for World Vision.   The children will be involved in all facets of the project.  They will raise money, use money skills to count the money, and determine the allocation of the money.  It really is a fun and rewarding activity.  For more information see the note in backpacks on Monday and/or visit the web site. 

I look forward to seeing you all at conferences and appreciate the time you take to come in and discuss your child’s progress.  I understand how difficult it can be to juggle schedules. 


During the short week we spent a lot of time working in small groups.  For one activity each group researched and shared information on an aspect of life in the 1620’s.  We read articles and books and watched clips from the following link: Scholastic Thanksgiving.  In a second activity groups made different parts of Pilgrim and Wampanoag Villages.  Photos of the villages are seen below.  

The Next Dog License Will Be.....

We had the opportunity again to work with the town and participate in a meaningful election.  The students at Memorial School voted for the shape and color of the next dog tag license.  We discussed the importance of voting, voted, and counted half of the ballots for the school.  It was a great "real world" learning experience; involving rights, predictions, and  mathematics.
Medway dog owners will see their dogs sporting a silver octagon tag next year!

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Curriculum Update - October

Reading:  I have seen a lot of progress in Reading Workshop. During the last couple of weeks we continued to work on decoding, reading fluently, and making meaning of text.  Last week we worked on asking and answering questions while we read.  This week we will be making connections as we read.  In November our focus will shift to nonfiction texts.

Writing:  We are finishing up our Small Moment Narrative Unit.  This week the children will continue to publish a piece for their writing portfolios.  In November we will begin writing nonfiction pieces. 

Word Work: We began our “switch” for Unit 3.  It was a one-week unit, and it seemed to go well.  During the unit all children worked on closed syllable exceptions.  The focus for Unit 4 will be using suffixes: s, es, ed, ing, er, and est.  Unit 4 is a two-week unit. 

Math:  We have two more lessons to complete in Unit 2.  We will review and assess and be ready to begin Unit 3 next week.  Unit 3 includes the concepts of place value, money, and time.  Please continue to practice math facts daily.  I assure you this will help in the future.

Science:  The ocean mural is almost complete.  We will do some sharing of information on the zones.  We will also briefly study tides.  At the end of the unit there will be a brief assessment.  I will send home a study guide approximately one week before. 

Upcoming Dates:
10/30 – Medway Fire presents Seasonal Safety
11/7 – Picture retakes
11/10 – Veterans Day

Book Buddies and Ocean Mural

We had a busy Friday.  In the morning we met with our Book Buddies, Mrs. Nash's 4th grade class.  We read with them from our Blue Book Bags and practiced asking and answering questions.  The children were all so engaged and really enjoyed their time together.  We can't wait to get together with them again.

In the afternoon several parents joined us to help with the Zones of the Ocean project.  The zones mural is almost complete, and it looks terrific.  The children spent a lot of time researching the zones, determining the creatures that live in each zone, and learning why the creatures are able to survive in their habitats (adaptations).  Below are some photos.  

Summer Reading Challenge Celebration

A fun game of Drip Drip Drop with the teachers

Sunday, October 15, 2017